Activities in the 2000s


In January 2001, I gave a presentation to STC-Wisconsin chapter. I also gave the presentation to the Rock Valley, Illinois STC chapter.

November 2001, I designed and hosted the STC-WI website.


In 2004, I did independent contractor work at several places. I also collected unemployment compensation.

In April 2004, I gave a seminar to inmates in the Milwaukee Count Jail.

In May 2004, I gave a presentation on ROI to the Metro Group.


In the summer of 2006, Eleanor, our dog Ginger and I moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon, which is just outside of Portland. Eleanor wanted to move there to be close to the grandchildren. Laura stayed in Milwaukee.

We stayed in the Parkridge Apartments for a few months until we bought a townhome at 94 Wheatherstone Place in Lake Oswego. Ginger passed away shortly after we moved into our new home.

We did some remodeling and painting of the place.


In May 2007, I was elected President of the Wheatherstone Homeowners Association.

In December 2007, Eleanor and I went to the San Francisco area, where she had to attend some classes for work.


In January 2008, Eleanor and I flew down to Los Angeles. She had an appointment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute around Newport Beach. We then went down to Balboa Island to look at my old house there. Then we went and toured the Crystal Cathedral. Later. we drove up to Westchester to see the old house on Stewart Avenue. Then we went to Mariner's Village in Marina del Rey. We then visited with Dick Schacter and went out to eat with Dick and his ladyfriend, Rachel. I drove up to visit Mark. Then finally, we flew back to Portland.










Family history

(coming soon)

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