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My Life in the 1960s


In the 1960s, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), majoring in Mathematics and Physics. I also ran on the school track team.


During my junior year in college, I ran on the UWM track team. I won several metals and received a letter in the sport.

The biggest thrill was running in the Journal Indoor Track meet, which was telvised locally. Included in the meet was Rev. Bob Richards, who set the world's record in the pole vault, as well as other top track stars. I ran in the 1 mile relay race.


I started looking for a job for when I graduate in June, but had no offers. A promising job was at Allis-Chalmers in West Allis, but that didn't pan out. I also interviewed at Cook Electric in the Chicago area and 3M in Minneapolis.

I graduated from UWM in June 1962 with a Bachelors in Science (BS) degree with majors in Mathematics and in Physics.

Since I had no job offers, I started summer school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a prelude to enterging Granduate School there. I roomed with Ron Heilmann and several other guys.

Finally in late summer, I received an offer from McDonnell Aircraft Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Mom felt so bad that I was leaving home.

Got an apartment in St. Louis in an all black neighborhoos. But then later got an apartment in Hazelwood, with Lowell Gunther, who was also from Milwaukee.


Worked at McDonnell but soon was not happy with my job.


Then I entered Graduate School at Missouri University. Lived in Dockery-Folk dormatory.


Left Graduate School and was rehired at McDonnell.

Got an apartment in Bridgton, MO with Carrol Hughes and his brother Nolan. They both were from Texas.


Decided I wanted to get into engineering sales with IBM. However, I would then lose my draft deferment, since I would no longer be doing defense work. I quit McDonnell and moved back to Milwaukee and joined the Army Reserves.

I then served six months in the Army Reserves. After my discharge, I picked up my car from Hjlamer and Margaret"s and drove down to Los Angeles. I stayed with Jim and June in Sylmar, CA for a while and then got an apartment in Van Nuys and looked for work.

I got a job as an engineer with Aeronurtonics/ Ford-Aerospace in Newport Beach, CA. I worked there about a year and was then layed off.

I then got a job as the Member of Technical Staff at the Santa Barbara Research Center (SBRC).


While I was still working at SBRC, I started writing a "man-in-the-street" column for the Goleta Valley Sun newspaper.