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Son is Leaving - skit

by Ron Kurtus (3 Aug 71)

BOY: Well, folks, I'm leaving.

FATHER: You're going, son?

BOY: Yep. I'm going to be leaving.

MOTHER: You're leaving us? You're leaving your mother and father?

BOY: Yep. It's just something that has to be done.

MOTHER: Oh my son! Just a few years ago, you were a little baby, and now you're leaving us. (she goes over and embraces him, sobbing)

BOY: (patting her on the back) Now, now, Mom. It's not like forever. I'll be back. But, you know, a fellow gets a certain age, and he's lot to go. I can't be sticking around the house forever.

FATHER: He's right, Martha. The boy has grown up.

MOTHER: (still emotional) But I remember him when he was still in diapers...

BOY: Aw, Mom!

MOTHER: And how he used to cry for his bottle.

BOY: Gee, Mom. (embarrassed)

MOTHER: You did!

FATHER: (hand on her shoulder) But, Martha. The boy's grown up now. He's no longer a child. The days are gone when we used to walk him in the baby carriage. It's past when he used to want a ride on my. knee.

(getting emotional too)

He doesn’t have to ask us if he can cross the street anymore. Those - days - are past.

(breaking up and embracing boy)

Oh, son! Don't leave us.

BOY: Aw, Dad. Take it easy.

FATHER: (controlling himself.) Sorry son. I just got carried away.

BOY: Well, I'd better get going.

MOTHER: So soon? It's early in the morning yet.

FATHER: There's no hurry son. You don't have to leave yet.

BOY: No, I've got to go now.

MOTHER: Have another piece of toast.

FATHER: Yes, there's no rush.

BOY: I've got to go. The school bus is here!