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Young Couple - skit

by Ron Kurtus (5 July 71)

(Young couple is locked in an embrace. Then the girl speaks)

GIRL: Tom, it's getting late. You'd better go.

BOY: Just one more kiss.

(They kiss)

GIRL: It's getting late, Tom. You'd better go.

BOY: Just one more kiss.

GIRL: Well, OK. But it's getting late.

(They kiss)

GIRL: This time I mean it, Tom. You'd better go.

BOY: But...

GIRL: No, no. Don't tell me that you want to kiss again.

BOY: But...

GIRL: Tom, I had a wonderful time tonight, but it's getting late.

BOY: Sue, I've got something to tell you.

GIRL: Tom, I don't care if you can't live without me. It's late and I had a nice evening with you, but I'm tired and have to get some rest. So, goodnight Tom.

BOY: I'm not Tom! I'm George!

GIRL: George?

BOY: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

GIRL: Ohh. (puts her hand to head) That's right! I went out with Tom last night.

(aside) And what a night!

BOY: I'm George.

GIRL: Well, why didn’t you say something when I kept calling you Tom?

BOY: Heck, I figured that I was doing so good as Tom, that I might as well keep going.

GIRL: You mean that you'd take advantage of me is Tom's name?

BOY: (pulls her close to him) I'll get it any way I can.

GIRL: Oh, you say the most romantic things.

(They kiss)

GIRL: This tine I really mean it George. It is late, and I think you'd better go.

BOY: (suddenly) Oh, alright.

(He gets up and goes to the door.)

Good night, Sue.

(She goes to the door with him)

GIRL: Good night George. I'm sorry again that I got you mixed up with Tom.

BOY: That's alright.

(They kiss a short good night kiss, and George leaves. Sue goes back to the couch and sits there for a short time in thought. Then there is a knock at the door. She excitedly runs over to answer the door. George is at the door.)

GIRL: George!

(They embrace)

You couldn’t live without me! Your heart was heavy with sadness, and you couldn’t force yourself to leave.

BOY: Well, not exactly.

GIRL: Tell me. Tell me how strong your feelings are for me, and why you just couldn’t leave.

BOY: When I got outside to my car, I thought to myself, Why should I leave? And where would I go, anyways? After all --- it is my apartment!

GIRL: (puts hand to mouth) Oh, that's right! I though we were in my place.

BOY: Oh, you silly little fool. (affectionately)

(They embrace)

GIRL: You say such romantic things, George.


(End? or should there be more?)