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Square in Bar

by Ron Kurtus (11 May 1971)

Human nature humor

(Not too good)

MALE: Hi. My name's Ron.

FEMALE: So what?

MALE: Ah - would you care to dance?

FEMALE: I don't know. I'm kind of tired.

MALE: Come on. This music's real groovy.

FEMALE: Weeell, OK.

MALE: My name's Ron.


MALE: What's your name?

FEMALE: Oh, I suppose I'll have to tell you. It's Betty.

MALE: That's a nice name.

FEMALE: Yeah. Groovy.

MALE: What's your last name?

FEMALE: It's ah... It's Smith. Yeah. Betty Smith.

MALE: That's an easy name to remember.

FEMALE: Uh huh. Well, it's been nice dancing with you. I got to rest now.

MALE: Could I buy you a drink?

FEMALE: Sure. Go ahead. I don't care what you do.

MALE: You go to college or work or what?

FEMALE: You're full of questions aren't you? Just because I let you buy me a drink doesn't mean I'm going to tell you my life story.

MALE: Oh, I'm sorry. I didnt mean to pry. I'm going to the University.

FEMALE: Yeah, you look like the studious type. I'll bet you're a real bookworm.

MALE: In Physics you have to read alot. Do you like to read?

FEMALE: Yeah, sure. I read a book every night before I go to bed. I'm sure.

MALE: Oh, you do? That's wonderful. What sort of books do you like to read?

FEMALE: Comic books. Man, you're too much. fi Here's the girl with your drink. F I can see that. Didnt you order anything?

MALE: No. I don't usually drink. On occasion, I'll have wine with my meal, but other than that I abstain.

FEMALE:Geez. I got a real winner here. Well, here's mud in your eye.

MALE: Mud?

FEMALE: It's just an expression. Boy, if this place wasnt so dead, I could get someone cool to dance with.

MALE: Oh, do you want to dance again?

FEMALE: No, I'm still resting.

MALE: OK. You know, this is kind of a neat place.

FEMALE: Yeah. Real swell.

MALE: You come here often?

FEMALE: I'll bet you come here all the time. Every night.

MALE: l No. This is my first time here.

FEMALE: I'll bet you just wear those glasses as a disguise to make yourself look square.

MALE: No. I have to wear these all the time. My vision is very poor. 20 - 100.

FEMALE: What do you study in school?

MALE: Physics. I'm in graduate school in Physics.

FEMALE: You graduate in Physics? Does that have anything to do with science?

MALE: Yes, it does. It's a very interesting subject.

FEMALE: Yeah, you'll have to tell me all about it. But some other time.

MALE: Oh, you're really interested in learning about Physics2

FEMALE: Nothing better I'd like to do than to have a long talk about Physics. In fact my friends and I often discuss the subject. soy, you are really dense.

MALE: I thought you really were interested in it. (Dejected)

FEMALE: I didnt mean to make fun of you. I was just kidding. I work over (Apologizing) over at E.L.M. I'm an assembler. What was your name, anyways?

MALE: Ron.

FEMALE: I come here once in a while, if there's nothing else to do. I like to sit around and drink and have a few dances.

MALE: Say Betty, do you want to screw?