Helping Increase Your Profits

It is a fact that well-trained workers will result in increased profits through faster work and reduction of losses from mistakes or incorrect work. This is also true for service representatives, sales personnel and managers.

This follows the ISO 9000 standards and the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy of doing business.

Ron Kurtus will help achieve trained personnel by making sure they can effectively do their job. This is done by providing them with materials such as:

We can also assist your staff in similar multimedia and print manual projects.

Kurtus Technologies will guarantee improved worker production through the use of worker training and guide products we develop.

Contact Ron Kurtus for information how we can help you increase your profits.

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Kurtus Technologies



Solutions Provided

- Computer-Based Training
- Web-Based Training

Database-driven Webs
- eCommerce
- Catalogs
- Dynamic pages

- User Manuals
- Online Help
- ISO 9000 Procedures

- Project Management
- Electro-Optics
- Test Design

Client List

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