Providing Database-Driven Web Sites

Ron Kurtus can provide solutions to your needs for a dynamic Web site.


Companies with a Web presence often have the need for the dynamic creation of Web pages, such as are used in listings and catalogs of products.

Many companies—large and small—want to sell their products and services on the Internet, either to individual customers or through business-to-business sales.

Also, some companies with a potentially large number of Web pages would like to be able to facilitate the maintenance of their Web sites.

Proposed solution

Kurtus Technologies proposes to provide your company with a database-driven Web site that will solve these problems. Such a Web site would use such software tools as Allaire ColdFusion, Microsoft Active Server Pages, and Macromedia UltraDev to dynamically generate Web pages through the use of a database. This allows you to maintain and update the Web site through the database instead of individual Web pages.

One major application is to provide your e-commerce needs by setting up your Web site so that your customers will be able to buy your products online. You will also be able to effectively track and manage the completion of the sale and the delivery of the product.


Ron Kurtus has extensive experience in developing database-driven online store fronts in ColdFusion and UltraDev, as well as providing business improvement solutions.

He is capable of organizing, developing, and writing high quality technical documents, user manuals, online Windows Help files, procedures, and ISO 9000 Quality Manual documents. Special capabilities of taking complex or high technology subjects and making them readable and usable.

For larger projects, Kurtus Technologies can gather a team of experts to fulfill your needs.

Philosophy of work

Effectively get the message across with clear, concise writing that is delivered on time.


Contact Ron Kurtus to discuss how Kurtus Technologies can help your company.

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Solutions Provided

- Computer-Based Training
- Web-Based Training

Database-driven Webs
- eCommerce
- Catalogs
- Dynamic pages

- User Manuals
- Online Help
- ISO 9000 Procedures

- Project Management
- Electro-Optics
- Test Design

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