Communicating Knowledge

Ron Kurtus believes in the importance of communicating knowledge in order to teach and help people. In today's increasingly technical world, it takes skillfully crafted explanations to communicate such knowledge to workers and customers.

Whether you are concerned with educating customers or training employees to do their work better, your success depends on the quality of the information you present. At Kurtus Technologies, we know how to communicate the complex as something a person can understand.

Kurtus Technologies is concerned with the communication of knowledge, and we can deliver that information as paper or online documents, computer based training, Intranet-based assistance, or classroom instruction and training.

Let Kurtus Technologies communicate your knowledge. Contact Ron Kurtus for more information on how we can help your company.

Kurtus Technologies



Solutions Provided

- Computer-Based Training
- Web-Based Training

Database-driven Webs
- eCommerce
- Catalogs
- Dynamic pages

- User Manuals
- Online Help
- ISO 9000 Procedures

- Project Management
- Electro-Optics
- Test Design

Client List

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