History of Aho Family




On September 4, 1940 my son Ronny was born.

~ 1940: Wayne IN MILWAUKEE (26)

Wayne moved back to Milwaukee. He and Tom would often drink together. One time Tom got sore and knocked Wayne down. Jimmy started to cry, so Wayne got up and gave Jimmy 50 cents.

Wayne got a job at Nunn-Bush Shoe Co., but he was soon fired for not coming to work. Later, they took him back, but when he didn't show up for work, due to his heavy drinking, he was fired again.

Tom didn't want Wayne hanging around their place, so he chased him out. A few days later, Wayne came back, hungry. Tyne was going to give Wayne some food, but Tom said no. Tyne felt bad, because they had plenty of spaghetti, and she was going to throw it away anyways. She said, "Why not let Wayne eat?" Tom said, "No. This will teach Wayne a lesson." So Wayne went away hungry.

Ron born to Lillian on September 4.



In 1942, when Hulda was 69, she had an obstruction in the stomach, and they took her to the hospital. She died there on June 16th.


Lillian worked at Badger Engraving from 1942 to 1943. Her best girlfriend there was Lilli.

3. Hulda dies at age 69. D. 1945 1. Tyne starts working at Weyenberg Shoe Co. Works there until 1970. E. 1947 1. Tyne divorces Tom. 2. Lillian married Elmer Kurtus on Nov. 29. F. ~ 1947: WAYNE AT ASTOR STREET (34)

When I was living at 1304 Astor Street, Wayne came over and wanted to take Ronny for a walk, but I told him not to go to any tavern. When they back, I asked where they had been. Ronny said, "We went to the drugstore. There was a green parrot there. I had a soda there." I asked him what Wayne had to drink. he said a beer. They had been to the Green Parrot tavern.

Wayne rented a room nearby, but after a few weeks, he didn't pay his rent. The landlady then threw him out. Wayne thought she was so dirty so yell, "Out! Out with you!" So, with his bundle of clothes, he came over to out apartment and slept on the floor.

He then got a room at 1304 Aster St., upstairs from where I lived. He bought a pet rabbit and let it hop around his room. Soon there were rabbit turds all over the floor.

One night Ceil had been out drinking, and she decided to stop over at my place to sleep over, but I wasn't home yet. So Ceil went up to Wayne's room. He never locked his door, so she just went in and crawled him bed. Wayne was really surprised to wake up and find Ceil sleeping with him.

One day the landlord put a paddlelock on Wanye's door for not paying his rent. He said he hated to do that, since Wayne was such a nice guy, but he just drinks too much.


Jim quits school at age 16.

History of Aho Family