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Satire on TV Commercial

by Ron Kurtus (1972)

NOTE: Not very good. Planned to have this part of my 3DTV play.

(Scene - backyard. Woman is hanging clothes on line. Neighbor calls to her over the fence.)

NEIGHBOR: Jane, I don't know how you do it. Your clothes are all so bright and clean, while mine all seem so faded.

(CU of dingy blouse in Neighbor's hand; then CU of Jane's colorful wash.)

NEIGHBOR: I don't understand it. I've got the same type of washer as you. And I use the top brand detergents with all the new active color ingredients. But still my clothes just seem so... so dingy. How do you do it?

JANE: It's simple Mary. These are brand new clothes. I'm just hanging them up here to flaunt you.