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Anti-Republican satirical skit

by Ron Kurtus (8 Aug 72)

(Two campaign workers are tossing around slogans to use for the upcoming campaign. They can't really decide on a good slogan for the Nixon forces to use.)

A: "Let's see now,.. how about 'A chicken in every pot'? That sounds pretty good."

B: "No - no - no, That's been used before."

A: "What about 'Some pot in every chick'! Ha, ha, ha!"

B: (Gives hard stare) Get serious now. You know the Party's view on that sort of stuff. Now we've gat to get a good slogan for the President to use against McGovern in this election."

A: "How about 'Prosperity for the millions'?

B: "No. Too socialistic."

A: "'Prosperity for the millionaires'?"

B: "Too capitalistic... but true."

A: (In desperation) "'Prosperity'?"

B: "Too idealistic."

A: "Well, what then?"

B: "I've got it. I know just the slogan to use."

A: "What?"

B: "It's something that'll hit McGovern where it hurts."

A: "What, what?"

B: "It's pretty original and shows just where we stand."

A: "What, what, what??!"

B: "Now listen to this,.. 'Vote Nixon... and find out the secret plan to end the war... by 1976."