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Roving Reporter at the Drive-in Movie

by Ron Kurtus (6 May 72)

REPORTER: This is your Roving Reporter here at the Oversight Drive-in Movie. They are showing a triple feature tonight, but since I've
seen the first film, I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get some candid opinions for our man-in-the-street interview.

I'm looking for someone who might give an interesting and intelligent answer to a question that I am sure is on the minds of all of you right now. Like what the heck I am doing in a drive-in without a date?

Just fooling folks. That's a good question, but it's not your man-in-the-street question for tonight.

So anyway, I'm looking for someone who is...ah, here is a car with all the windows fogged up. The unknown always arouses my curiosity.

GIRL: (In ecstasy) Oh John... Johnn!

REPORTER: (Knock, knock, knock)

GIRL: (Startled) Oh!

REPORTER: (Knock, knock, knock) Sir. Oh, sir!

JOHN: What the hell do you want!?

REPORTER: Excuse me, sir, but I'm the Roving Reporter and I---

GIRL: Who is it, John?

JOHN: It's some pervert or something. You know you scared the living tar out of me. What are you - some kind of nut or something?

GIRL: Is it the cops, John?

REPORTER: I'm the Roving Reporter, and I'm making our man-in-the­street interviews in this drive-in tonight and I---

JOHN: I ought to knock your block off, for scaring us like that.

GIRL: Are you the Roving Reporter?

REPORTER: That's right. See - this is a microphone.

GIRL: It's the Roving Reporter, John, We've heard him on the radio.

JOHN: (In shock) What? We're on the radio?

REPORTER: Yes. And I want to ask you the question of the day - or in this case - the question of the night...

GIRL: I want to say "hi" to Punky and Judy and Susie and all the gang over at McDonnell's.

REPORTER: You're really not supposed to do that. Now, the question of the night is...

JOHN: (To girl) Come on, let's get out of here.

GIRL: Why, John?

JOHN: I told my folks I was going to study over at Tom's house tonight. They'll be real hot if they find out that I'm at the drive-in with you.

REPORTER: The question I'd like you to answer is...

(Car starts and squeels away)

The question is...(Whining) I never got to ask them the question,