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Roving Reporter with Hitchhiker

by Ron Kurtus (23 Apr 72)

REPORTER: This is your roving reporter here near highway 101. The traffic is quite heavy and there seem to be a lot of hitch hikers trying to get a ride, presumably, up to San Francisco. I'll be asking my man-in-the-street question to one of these men who is not quite in the street. Get it? He's hitch hiking, so he's not quite a man-in-the-street. Ha ha ha. Get it? I made that one up myself. Well, anyway... sir. Oh sir.

HIPPY: (talking as doped) Heyy mann. Whatchaa: gott theree? This is a microphone, and we're on the air, right now. Woww. On the airr. Air's really beautifull.

REPORTER: Yes. And I'm the roving reporter and I'd like to ask you our question for the day.

HIPPY: Woww.

REPORTER: Do you agree or disagree with the proposed referendum number 506, which states that in order to maintain the public health in the city parks that unleashed animals or children are not allowed on the grass?

HIPPY: Woww. On grass. Grass is really beautiful.

REPORTER: Ah,yes. Now, sir, what is your opinion on this important proposition?

HIPPY: You want some grasss?

REPORTER: Sir. I'm sorry, but we are on the air.

HIPPY: Woww. On the air. Air is really beautiful.

REPORTER: I can see tha t we are not getting anywhere in this train of thought. Can you tell me sir, are you planning on going up to the San Fransisco area?

HIPPY: Yeahh. You going to give me a ride?

REPORTER: No I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not going in that direction at this time. Are you going into San Fransisco?

HIPPY: Nooo. I'm going up to Stanford University.

REPORTER: I'm afraid to ask.

HIPPY: Woww. I'm studying to be a brain surgean.

REPORTER: Woww. And this is the roving reprter, leaving highway 101.