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Roving Reporter Interviews

by Ron Kurtus (23 Apr 72)

Comedy idea

Roving reporter goes around making his man-in-the-stree interviews to get insight on what people feel about the issues of the day. He asks questions about typical issues, but either the circumstances are absurd or the characters are comic.

Marketing concept

The idea here is that I will tape these phony interviews and then try to sell them to one of the radio stations. Maybe I could make a record out of them. A similar thing could be done with TV.


I tried to record these skits with Marshall and Barbara McComb. they came off so-so, and the McComb's both lost interst in doing them or continuing. Thus, I also abandoned the idea.


Problems I saw with the material were:

  • Don't really grab interest
  • No sock or punch
  • Maybe the reporter should be "crazy" instead of the subjects, in order to get a better response
  • Too wishy-washy of a parody. I don't think it would "catch" on the radio

NOTE: On reading them in 2007, I think they are fairly good.